Friday, April 29, 2011

Dream a little dream

Ever gotten the feeling that life has stood still for a period of time and when you realize how you have age, there is this weak sickening cramp in your stomach telling you that it was unproductive through out the years of idle?


I also don't know why suddenly my mind could comprehend such complexity. Although some of you may already notice that complexity is like my middle name. Or rather last. Whatever.

Back to the topic of idle. Yeap, this is what happen when you saw a Maurice Lacroix watch that you like and you cannot afford. Dream a little dream of me they all say.

I guess it happens most of the time. You stand there watching others having a fine meal with no qualms about the bill and wish you were there. You stood in your car wondering when will it be your turn to own the new A4 blazing away in front you. You look as others parade their pride in new fashion pieces while you are hoping that your t-shirt collar doesnt look like some overworn-washed top.

You look at couples, living together and happily announcing their anniversary while you wish you had made the same choices. You experience adulthood and grew into a hobby alone wishing there were more in companion and choices. You admire strong, smart and successful being while you are still trying to build half the person they are. You envy the comfortable, serene and content life one is in yet you lie to yourself that you had one too ... still do

Idle. Ironic it seems, it happens to everyone because the root to the problem is standing still too long. Observation and setting life target or goals doesn't help solve the entire problem. In today's ever competitive society in both monetary, self actualization and development, there is a huge gap one needs to leap across to truly enjoy the opposites of idle. Being active is insufficient. Being proactive is the key to success.

As I write this post. I cannot believe how much had happened today. Ipad 2 was released and there are still people going through crazy que to be the "first" to own the ipad. It is also the day that Prince William and Kate tie knots turning medias into a broadcast frenzy for fairy tale. Lovely I must say. Not to mentioned the day I finally spoke up to my best buddies about how I felt about the past month and the whole topic about being idle.

I guess life moves on so quickly that if you never learned to look back and notice how idle life have been, you will never make any drastic move to change it for the better. At the end, it is about choices you will make. Decisions that is weighed and risk that is calculated to empower and enhance lifestyles that you dream of having. Let it be financial independence, success in career and self development or even just living the family dream, owning a home and decent monotonous life. You gotta make that call ... and for me, it's all about timing and being at the right place now.

Well, enough ramblings.

The next time you open your mouth and start debating about unfairness, corruption and how you wish life was better like other countries, start voting. Stop being idle.

And where did that come from eh?

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