Saturday, November 13, 2010

What ?

There are just so many things I want to write about. Right now, I just do not know what I want to write. It could be my recent singapore trip, but that would be the same ramblings about work which I should stop complaining about. Then there is the funny incident of getting con, which is like told a billion times where I am sick of saying anything about it. Of course, there is the side dish to my life - MBA, utterly boring to pen down.

Friends? Want to avoid gossips. Family? Nothing much happening except the fact that my sister look stunning today in a night gown. Bareback till can see her buttock line and F*** HER (with envious tone) looking good in an hour-glass body dress. My dog? Literally the same ol notti stuff. Gym? Haven't been there in ages! My insomnia? Half solved with the expensive bed and the other half is what I am experiencing now.

Food? Haven't got the chance to taste it. Travel? No money. New gadget? No money. Movies? Had marathon last week, wanna skip it this week. Music? Nothing much except that fireworks and just the way you are keep playing in my head.

Love? Still as complicated when it should have been easy. Fashion? No comment except that I have officially ban Uni Qlo in my wardrobe.

So what to write about? Sigh ... maybe I should go for a walk since I can't sleep but I am craving for this dish ...


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