Monday, November 29, 2010


The day has finally arrive. In less than 12 hours, my entirely family will be awake and moving our luggage into the minivan. Our trip to Seoul is coming to realization and with the major burp of shells and nuts lately (aka-tension) with North Korea and South Korea in the past few days - we are still going! Cheerios!!

Reassurances given by the embassy, agent and also friends who are in the travel tourism industry that is it still safe to travel and experience Korea! Notice the word used, still but not absolutely. So if this is my last post, I love you guys eh! Keep it alive *showing hipster's peace sigh*

The past few days has been nothing but friends all asking me to reconsider the trip. We have people telling us to postpone, people who research through CNN and updates us on news, friends' dad who had spoken to their son's bf for reassurances, people who are bluntly funny , colleagues who are just repeating themselves and all. It was nice to know that many people cared and actually show gesture to ensure that we are making the "right" choice.

Some has a more unique way of showing appreciation. I gotten both a "safety amulet“ (one from 大姐 - christian blessings and one from Purple Diva - Allah blessing) from close friends and of course even this :

Yeap - daily multiple vitamin dosage for my weak immune system. Cute right? Thank you Mr Watch for this well thought gift - your the best! Chubchub and MK actually dine Korean with me even to get me into the mood too ~ haha

Well, that said - I am all packed up and ready to go. With both clothes to layer and the anticipation to a plentiful to shop experience in Korea, I am dying to get my hands on a leather glove as soon as I land. I heard rumours that they are on winter sale already! *Evin grin counting the cash*

So ... I shall most likely blog when I am there then - provided no nukes happened before I land ... CHOI CHOI CHOI

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