Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Diwali weekend

I haven't had so much peace and quiet for the weekend. Never mind the constant fireworks during last friday's Diwali celebration and the occasions echoes from post fireworks in a distant, it was still a serene weekend for me.

As soon as work ended (yes I had to work on a public holiday!), I had literally spend my weekend with very important friends in my life. They reminded me of the little things in life that matters, that quality time that no other can replace and definitely one I can just be my very own self.

It was a weekend of movies I would say! I watched Clash of the Titans, Shutter Island and The Blind Side. Not straight in a row but on different days with different friends. I have to say that The Blind Side is such a great movie and Sandra Bullock really awesomely made the character possible. It felt so real, so comical and at a certain point, I wish my own mum had that trait. I know! I shouldn't have ...

Shutter Island was mind blowing. I do not know why people think the movie was bullshit. I think even at the end, it is still mind blowing! If you think that Inception is mind bobbling ... this is worse I tell you!

Then came the 48hours movie making independent screenings that both pretentious bitch and I attended to lend our support to Purple Diva. Her film noir was commendable and the only missing element was dark shadows. Of course, with only 48 hours to make a short film, inclusive of script writing, shooting and editing ... IT WAS DAMN WELL A GOOD MOVIE.

Movies was not the only thing I did. I literally stayed home and cook! Yeap, spend some time lazing around, did some charity work and spent quality time with friends. It was a quiet weekend. A weekend well spent! A weekend where I ate my sins away and erm ... had ice cream every single day ... Hehe ... Big hugs to my friends who made it all possible - indulgence, tranquility and memorable

Although things went a bit unexpected on Mr Watch side, I hope his planned vacation will still go on.

As for me, time to be "Ferdinand the bull" in Singapore!

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