Thursday, November 18, 2010

Say hello to ...

Binge! (the e is silent anyway). Yeap, I usually name all my beloved stuff. As of now, I have babe (my D80 Nikon camera), Boo (My Polaroid camera) and Binge ... my first ever Mac product. I mean, first hand Mac and absolutely bought from my own wallet. Also, my first EXP phone man!

I still find the phone expensive, after all tech stuff should be cheaper nowadays. I remember getting the E71 and think it was absurd to pay RM1.5k for a phone but back then, I really wanted to see the receiver of the phone smile ... yeap, the mobile I been using for the past 2 years is not exactly mine. Hehe

The sense of achievement is there but something is missing ... anyway, never mind that!

So ... Binge is not exactly in the box. She is out of her shell sitting next to me ... smiling. Asking me to caress my fingers on her retina screen. By the way, all my beloved are females ya ... Binge is exceptionally beautiful. Think of Gisele Bundchen ...

Well ... a piece of advise for those who want to adopt and enlarge Binge's population, especially when you are getting it from the Maxis adoption center ... You got to prepare to wake up real early, strategically pick your weekday and location, and still have to spend more than half a day waiting. Details?

Maxis only release 50 units a day. I was lucky number 44 (the last 16gb) and the rest is 32gb. Then you gotta wait for them to photocopy and port your number (which takes an hour or so) and the long wait to purchase the device (which takes about 25 minutes average per phone) ... and then que to get your sim card sliced... and then usually people walk out with a dark, gloomy face ...

Let's do this the MBA style

25 minutes x 40 = 1000 minutes divide by 3 operating counter = 333 min = 5 hours, and to factor in other purchases like blackberry, nokia whose counter is shared with the iPhone ... bla bla bla ... ok ... in simple conclusion, I was there from 830am and only manage to get Binge at 430pm.

How did I survive?

I work in KLCC Aquaria remember? So I basically took a number, estimate the average wait and was there only about the end. If you have nothing to do, go waste time crowding the Maxis store. Or else, get ready with picnic basket, watering thumbler and a lot of entertainment. I strongly suggest catching up on drama series!

Ok, Binge is making noise. I gotta go entertain her! Tee hehehe

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