Thursday, November 25, 2010

Binge new clothes

It's amazing how the iPhone actually creates new market from it's existing hype. It is as if the phone is design to be fragile so companies like this one, particularly called Speck can actually reap profit from post iPhone spending! I am not complaining thou bcos Binge likes fashion a lot and she has been warning me about my carelessness in dropping things.

Yeap, MK and Chubchub, formerly know as caffeine sunshinebear has also been telling me that better to pay rm100 for a good wardrobe function for Binge, than have her ended up in the Hospital because apparent there are no insurance coverage for her. How obscene right?!

Thus, Binge is now officially wearing this

Darkest Tartan plaid from Speck ... yeap, Binge likes something that looks like Burberry too :p

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