Sunday, November 21, 2010

The long wait ...

Count down, in exact 9 days ... I will be dressing up and all perked up to travel north. Some of you may already know whereabouts my family and I are traveling to. I believe this is the first trip ever my entire family is going overseas together since year 1997. As a family, we have went through a lot in the past years; overcoming poverty, learning to grow and accustom to differences among family members, resolving family conflicts and arguments, surviving a wretched accident for my dad, my mum braving through uncertainty of illness, sister in workforce and me sleeping with a broken heart nightly.

Most of us in the family has brave through the sea of thorns, accusations, gossips and even given in to bear responsibilities no normal families would do. Ranging from caring for elderly and adoption.

For me, the greatest lesson learn was to learn to try and let by gone be by gone with my dad. Our relationship fluctuates like stock market nowadays. But on most occasion, we always end up draw and do our best not to look each other in the eye when we argue. Things are definitely better.

So, the trip meant a lot to everyone in the family. My sister is taking it as a session to further strengthen her bond with her boyfriend. My younger sister is taking it as a vacation overdue and to finally walk the streets of K-pop as a fan. My mum is considering it as a dream come true for her to finally visiting Korea, one of her must-visit-places with her own mother, my grandma. My grandma is taking the trip as a time to unwind and to escape the family problems happening back in hometown. My dad takes it as his first time oversea outing with my mum since 18 years ago. And for me, It is important because Korea is probably one of the most crucial thing in my heart to visit the place and experience a whole new different culture with my loved ones.

Although there were small hiccups like my grandma's complication in visa application, sister's bf may not be able to take leave and K's last minute cancellation that may end up stranding me sharing a bedroom with a total stranger! But it seems like all is going well when Grandma got her application approved, sister's bf will be holding her arm when skiing later and I am going to be sharing a room with a friend instead.

Things are going well. I know it will ... thus, I will treasure this outing ...

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