Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick wrap-up for FEB 2010

Wow! This month really flies. I cannot believe how fast February had past, not that I am complaining or so. This month really burn me out ... financially of course. I believe Trix would definitely be saying her infamous words that I earn more than her ... but well, commitment kills. They really do ... For me, it was the lethal combination of Chinese New Year, Birthday bashes, CNY dinner treats and also Valentine that "overkill" me, sending me to the farplane of eternal debts. Ok, it is not that bad ... I spiced it up a lil ... but well, I believe it is the same goes for most people, especially the Chinese.

Enough complaining, here are a few memorable events to add onto this month:

i ) CNY REUNION DINNER WITH THE JIMMY GANG - Themed after TVB series : Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計

The whole gang that was there

The concubine war pose ... lol ...

Friends I would keep for life

My twin brother! Of course in the act of the moment

Lou Sang a!

The bunch of guys

Me and the ladies!

Of course it was also to celebrate Nick's Birthday!

ii) Trix's Bday

We - also known as the Random five (R5) went to this stupid restaurant and erm, I absolutely hate the service, the drinks and the food too. Not worth the money. Something Garden Cafe at Curve. Sigh... Bad idea but we had a blast! As usual, seeing this bunch of friends is really hassle free and all about GOSSIP! We have an additional member as well whom is also so-called my hometown friend - Bettina Soo! *Pose pose*

Yeap ... It was the sucky food look

Anyway, we are a bunch of what others will called gossip freaks, talkers chatters, aunties ... whatever not. Haha. It is always fun with them because we will always try our best to gather and have unlimited fun. Chill and chat, Laugh and take pictures. The fun part of it is always seeing everyone laugh and "stick together" because honestly, we are all very different people with contrast personalities and preferences ... but we still manage our friendship well ...

Happy Birthday girl!

iii) Alice's Bday

This happened in late Jan but blame the girls for giving me the picture late! But of course they would then blame me for not having FBook. Haha

Yeap it is us ... 5R

Tengoklah Trixie Vogue Glam Camera Whore pose tu!

Dunno why, but I love the spontaneity in this pic

Come to think of it ... I've been nearly out on most of my nights and weekends. Hmm, perhaps I should get some quality "me" time soon ... hehe

PS - Updated the side bar too ... Check'em out!

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