Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Calling

I think most of you guys would have predicted my silence in blog is due to ... erm ... excuses. Haha. Well, I have been pretty lazy and you would not believe how many drafts are sitting, waiting to be published. I shall post them up by tonight ... I promise ... So if you are reading this post, kindly continue to read the other posting as below ... :P

Today's post is actually about my "calling". Yeap, I have been summoned by the higher power, my motivation and the reason why I would be facing the TV for hours and ignored calls, meals and even refrained myself from going out ... The last time I was "called" was perhaps 4 years back ... and this time ... it is coming back with full force... I can already feel it ... see it yourself!

YES ... I AM A FINAL FANTASY FAN ... LIKE DUHuh! How sick and cool rite?

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