Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ariel Birthday 2010

Yeap... my lil sister turned ... erm ... 13 this year. Isn't that quick? I still remember when she was still a baby, lying down on her baby bed, looking and moving her curious fingers ... I was about 13 then. Even Kenny remember that when he first visited my house, she was just a kindy girl running around the house like how little kids should do

One full chinese cycle ... 12 zodiac animals ran through and now ... I am 25 and the little girl that was once a baby champion now had full grown into a girl scoring full As for exam, grooving to the latest Korean pop industry and well ... pretty much a lady.

Happy Birthday!

Yeap ... this is how she and I looked like back in 2003, 7 years ago ... still can sit on my lap!

compared to now ...

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