Thursday, February 4, 2010

Soong Pre-reunion CNY dinner

It's been quite some time since all four of us hang out. We were once called by our Uni peers as the Soong family ... the infamous 3 Soong sisters and of course, me - the lost brother. The three girls are my closest Uni friends and one of the first few that ever treated me like a brother.

We had a pre-ala-so-called-CNY-dinner and had a blast yapping away. The Korean food we was very affordable but unfortunately poor Vynn, also closely known as San Jie, 三姐 。。。had to endure food she didn't fancy. Hmm ... my bad for recommending it ...

But would like to say thank you to 大姐 和 三姐 for the wonderful xmas gift. I love the bottle and also the necklace ... 谢谢哦!

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