Sunday, June 21, 2009

James, Nelly, Me and a bunch of other things

After 2 full days of shooting, finally ... Adeline, Derrick and Bert has called out the magic word in production ... "IT'S A WRAP Y'ALL"

I hope they got good shots and angles of what they want. This is considered my first exposure to being in front of camera, acting as someone that is a total stranger to me. Hopefully I did deliver the character in their expectation. I know Eva did. She is a Fab actress ... one of the underdog that I truly admire and inspire from every time the crew goes into silence on set and the camera starts rolling. Would like to take this chance to thank the great crew and also the opportunity to star in this short film. Appreciate guys!

Well ... although my mood is all up and perky, I am feeling down inside. I don't know what is wrong but I can't feel anything inside me. Yeap, can't feel anything ... empty and hollow. It's so complicated ... I guess the feeling will most likely sink in soon. I certainly hope it will go away. I just don't want to feel what I know. I guess being numb is good ... or better still, channel the stress and negativity into something else. For me, changing those flame into encouragement to move on, push forward is somewhat a positive mark and effort... I can't deny the fact that its kinda confusing and hurtful ... but I guess the show must go on!

To be exact, this song can describe how exactly I feel ... right now ...

Can't seem to find a music video for the song. Not sure why, maybe Nelly is busy.

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