Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rainbow at Velvet

It was a straight club filled with straight people. I was uncomfortable there but I promised lilpixie to accompany her. I was controlling myself, to avoid any "kungfu" body language, emotional facial expression and talking like a bitch. Afterall, it was one of the best way to control my estrogen level and expand my testosterone, which I believe will come in handy.

I did attract a lot of attention from a number of girls. I guess Notrus was right. I do have a certain market for girls in clubs. Few words of compliments or two. Most of them were rather friendly and fun. The atmosphere was great, the crowd is huge and the music is AWESOME! They spin to anything from Kingsly, Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Madonna, Beyonce, Christina, Pussycat Dolls to Missy Elliot, Rihanna, JLO and many more. I was on the dance floor, but in many ways limiting my groove and body movement. Afterall, I am at somewhere different

That aside, some men there are totally hawt! Most of them are in shirts, something I hardly see in LQueen. Lilpixie told me that it was required that guys wear something with a collar. LQueen should have that rule. I admit, I have a "thing" for men in shirts. I just couldn't help but look. There is something about straight men... it's their masculinity, aura and the way the approach a friend (buying free beer, hugs, grooving and even holding hands!)... Although my eyes were moving around, my heart was somewhere else. I miss being in my own crowd and moreover, many guys don't dare to approach lilpixie, thinking that I am her boyfriend. I felt bad and she wanted to meet guys that night ...

I excuse myself from lilpixie and her friends. At 130am, I was out of Velvet walking towards LQueen. As soon as I enter the place, I went straight to the pub, got myself a beer and proceed to the dance floor. The music sucks as usual, nothing compared to Velvet ... but my bunch of mates were there. Er Ge, Miaomiao and friends were there. My favourite couple were there. Tallguy was there. Pboi was there. Not a great huge crowd but that will make do!

I headed back to Velvet to get lilpixie before they turn on the lights. I was worried about her as she was drunk and a little sober when we left Velvet. I am very glad she had so much fun. Overall, it was a great experience. Taking care of someone drunk, driving that smooth CRV around town and being with a crowd who helped me get in touch with that hidden "manly" side!

I won't be going to any straight club soon but I will always remember the stranger girl who came up to me, grab me in the waist, smile and left me on the dance floor.


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