Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas eve, reading blogs

My head spins, and I am going crazee soon. Snow White posted a new post, and somehow - I hate it. I think I am just too sensitive! There are lines in there, suggesting and encouraging those with a heartbreak to move on for the better and that it is not worth considering past relationships. Sentences where it tells people to just move forward and fuck the past, the whole period where two souls tie together are just waste if you look back, happy stuff always have an ending and with the ending, comes GREATER love and blah blah blah. Ok, FINE! ... I am overly sensitive and I am being childish.

I know people can just write what they want and readers can interpret their own understanding from the post. Well, I just felt like being stabbed right at the "human spot".

Anyway, I just wanted to vent my frustration out at this hour. My eyes are dropping, waiting quietly with an open heart but I know I am going to get disappointed again. I couldn't care about many things in life, especially when in friendship. Going to bed soon and hopefully my mood gets better. After all, Christmas is coming ... and no body gives a fuck about it.

PS - Forgot this is an anonymous blog ... Pictures from Genting would not be posted here, but at my public blog. *Hint Hint*

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