Monday, November 26, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Burfday

Celebrated Sleeping Beauty's birthday with a bunch of friends. It is amazing how new friendship is so fun. So much to explore and learn, but that said you can actually feel the sincerity and effort everyone is making to be friends. It was fun going out with them, lazing around and just chatting away. Too bad I can't join their trip up north.

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I hope you like the gift from all of us!

Sleeping Beauty was very touched. She had always wanted to celebrate her special day with her friends, but somehow it never happen. When we successfully surprised her with the waiters singing, bringing her the cake - she cried. Then when she opened all her gifts, her mood was uplifted. You could see how happy a little girl was. I felt happy too. Seeing her reminds me how much I miss my other friends, their birthday celebrations and gathering.

Well, ever since "the incident" ... I hardly get invitations for any dinners, outings, gatherings and such. Like K said - I allow others to judge me, I just got to face the consequences. Yeap, the hardest lesson ... appreciate those who appreciate you. If that is the case, losing them may be the best for both ways. I accept that truth. After all, I still believe I have some worth of being truly happy and still deserve friends.

Anyway - I accepted the promotion from Boss. I guess I will be working in the normal-working hours soon. Wish me luck ...

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