Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Xmas... Rain

It is raining outside. Staring into the raindrops, reminds me of 5 years back, how it all started and now, how it all ended. I miss him. Somehow, there is more to the picture than that. Yes, we have been talking, sharing a lil or two. I truly enjoy everything we went through at present moment. All the hurt and pain has caused a turnover effect. I am taking everything positively, even the fact that he will still give up at the end after trying. No expectations, just hope.

I know it is very fragile and I understand that even time would not be able to heal those painful wounds I have caused. A broken-shattered piece of glass will never be the same ever again. Somehow, deep in me – I felt the same for myself. I reckon I will never forgive myself for being so foolish, self-centered and negative.

That said, the storm has resided and no more drama. I am just me, the plain transparent me and being happy is my priority, genuinely happy. I am comfortable now with my own skin, feeling as confident as ever and truthful. I enjoy what I am doing now ... and I have K, along with all my supportive friends who had gone through this journey with an open mind, heart and arm with me ... you know who you are *sobs ...

*smiley smiley*

Anyway, thanks ErGe and miaomiao for the beautiful Xmas gift:


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