Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Genting with New Friends

Didn't notice that this post was still in the draft section.

Anyway, I had so much fun being around with new friends. I can't possibly nicknamed all of them but let's just say they are a lot of fun. A bunch of wacko girls who like taking pictures, actually modeling and taking pictures.


Although Genting bring back a lot of memories, it's amazing how fast time pass. I still remember the time when I was 17, madly in love with the pianist, who became my first love and accepted everything that I do, teaching me so much more in life and opening my eyes to romanticism.

Every love ended. Pianist with a huge stab, many disappointments and ego fighting. Till this very day - it aches.

Then came the whole relationship. The whole 5 years I would say. A whole 10% of life. Crumbles.

Hmmm ... one way or the other, life moves on -and I am glad, for me ... it's ever the better. Passed were the days of pain, sadness and grief has left, mourning was no longer necessary and foolish thoughts-evil plans were soulfully abandon.

Now, I just want to enjoy life, love myself more ... and love my friends more! Thanks lilpixie for organizing such a wonderful trip!

-merry xmas ppl-

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