Monday, December 31, 2007

Buh Bye 2007, and

welcome 2008. A few more hours to go and 2008 would be here. I bet many people would have set their new year resolutions already but not for me, not for 2008. I never did follow through anyway. Somehow, a few months down the road, the resolutions are never kept and I feel like a jerk not keeping them. Moreover, I remember that lopochai (previously referred to as smokygirl) told me that humans never do what they are told. So, why tell myself to do certain things when I know somehow, it's better to just do it and show it. No expectation - just plain me.

Looking back, this year was not a bad year. It certainly had some of the worst moments ... ever ... PERIOD! but it was well taken care of. I grew up the most in 2007. I am thankful for every single event that happened this year. It was memorable, fun-mixed-with-sad, filled with self realization and most importantly, eventful - at most time, filled with drama and stories to tell. Some people will never have this kind of life. I am glad I did.

Looking forward in short period, I am going to spend new year's eve shopping with dad, having dinner with dad (pre-booked), be with dad, clean my room and read the book pretentious bitch loaned me. Weird, everyone is away - Mum's in Macau, ErGe's in Taipei, Sis is in KL partying with the huge crowd, everyone is with someone, someone is with everyone and dad is alone ... so I decided to be the good boy and let him treat dinner.

*Actually I have an evil plan ... I need to loan RM200 from him ... *snickering laugh*

Looking forward in a long period, 2009 is going to come and I hope my career will advance like how it did and I certainly hope that I will be able to learn even more ... so,

Happy New Year

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