Thursday, November 22, 2007

Headlines - Spice Girls

I absolutely love the Spice Girls. Yes, I love Euro pop a lot and having all the Spice Girls CDs ... I am looking forward to adding one more to my collection. Their reunion is like a dream come true for me! Although I am not rich enough to get their reunion concert ticket ... I am glad the girl power is back. After so many years, I think it's more like woman power ... or mother power.

Well ... at least their comeback is great ... better than some silly girl pole dancing.

1 comment:

  1. yeah...for a fan, i bet it's swell to see these off-spice mothers to get back togeda. although they look great, but i must say their new single sucks. singing about friendship in their wacoal-looking bra (i'm talking about ginger-garlic spice, watever she calls herself). but okay, everybody in that group need to make some cash (even posh, since that her duck-speaking hubby doesn't REALLY play football anymore) so it's good that they got back together. go lip-synching spice girls go!!!