Sunday, November 18, 2007

New friends, Fun ol weekend

The weekend was great. Finally got a chance to just chill and truly have fun.

It began with sharing everything with lilpixie on Friday after work. Although we were still quite new to each other, I felt a kind of closeness with her. It was something like Miaomiao with Er Ge. Lilpixie is great, being there and hearing me out in front of Axis for hours before my class starts. But sometimes I can't help but feel that everything happening right now could be just momentary. Soon, new found friends will be like other friends - gone, across time. No expectation anyway - just thoughts.

Spending the entire Friday and Saturday with lilpixie, Er Ge and miaomiao was great. Of course, the most fun part is having the marvelous tea session with lilpixie at Curve, then dinner at Oriental Cravings and dancing away at LQueen with Er Ge and Miaomiao. Er Ge also introduce me to many new friends. Meeting them made me felt ... fresh and new. Then, seeing a bunch of familiar faces (who happens to be the clubbing-partee-gathering buddies) there made a huge the difference. The night was filled with happiness, fun, excitement and then contentment. Great music, fantastic crowd and awesome feeling. Perfect formula to be out and happy.

After two months of sulking and crying, I finally got the chance to really set myself free from all the chains and torturing moments. Dancing away on the dance floor helped. It was good to feel good. Then, a plunge of mood came when I had a cramp on my left leg. Everyone was so into the music on the dance floor (most of them were up on the podium) and I was below eye level. The pain was crucifying and I have no heart to stop the fun.

I stood there a while, breathing heavily, straightening my leg and finally drag myself off the dance floor. Thankfully, Sarah saw me and gave me the best hug ever. I was sad ... K was beside me, and as much as I wanted to just tap him on the shoulder and ask for help ... I didn't want to make him feel bad, hurt or anything.

Anyhow, the party ended early and we went off for dimsum at Jalan Alor. As usual, a bunch of us overnight at Er Ge's place and only manage to wake up in the afternoon . Miaomiao brought me to this place where they serve one of the best nasi lemak goreng in Uptown! Then, we decorated Er Ge's home with beautiful, glamorous, shimmering and sophisticated Christmas decorations.

I felt lonely and blank for a while. This would be my first ever Christmas without K ... after all, he was the only one who thought me the spirit, celebration and true meaning of it ...

Well ... let's see what happens next month.

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