Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Stress Stress! The amount of work is too heavy. Since I have been temporary transfered to the morning shift, I have been given a whole lots of responsibility. New ones. I have to;
  1. Manage both mailbox for two separate brands, where there are always incoming emails to reply to ...
  2. Provide phone support for clients
  3. Train 7 new staff at the same time
  4. Oversee the International Team in the day
  5. Manage the AU and NZ 2008 mailer list, which is in a lot of mess
  6. Follow up with my clients, both in US and the Oceanic Market
  7. Plan for new marketing strategies for both Oceanic and Pacific Market
  8. Supervise the new Telesales-cum-marketing team
  9. Avoiding empty, redundant and silly chat sessions with irresponsible, unprofessional people
  10. Reporting to Boss and Head on a daily basis
Come to think of it, the list is not very long but I am all tied up. I wish I had 6 hands, two mouth and 4 eyes. Perhaps my work will be easier. That said, most of the pending KPIs are finishing soon. As I was anticipating to return back to my routine night shift job ... HR and Boss finally pop the grand prize question, "Any interest in staying in the day?"

I felt like being cheated. It was only suppose to be training for the new staff but all of a sudden, things get a little out of hand. Work started pouring in. Mind you ... no one is in the International Team for the day now. One man show but work is work anyway - you just gotta do it. Thankfully, some colleagues helped out.

Anyway, Boss confronted me today and offer me a promotion. He is still considering and working out some plans to convince me to stay in the day. For one, I would be considered a senior (something like a supervisor) helping to manage the International Team in the day and still report to Head. Boss also told me that I will be getting a revised pay, which is better and much more. He will also consider in providing me extra benefits, in terms of commission and others. Career wise, it is a promotion - new KPIs and definitely new responsibilities.

It seems quite tempting, but to be honest ... all I could think of is something silly. Working in the day will allow me to spend more time with K in the future. That is if we ever get back ... . It is nice to have the idea where I would be going home after work, dropping by Giant for marketing, cooking dinner and serving K. It would be nice to go home with a tired mind and wash all of those away while showering with K. It would be nice to be tug in and wake up the next day next to K. It would be nice to imagine things before work ...

It would be nice ...

If only it was not a dream ...

Back to reality. Working in the day is not all that bad. At least for the moment, I kinda occupy my mind somewhere else and work my ass off. I won't deny that I think of K a lot ... but it is not as bad. That seem like the only consolation for all the stress I am going through. Pimples, baggy eyes and of course - hair fall.

If I take up the role, I know I may be blame for many mistakes that I might make in the future, stumbling blocks and so forth. I may even get stab by my night team ... or even my Head, who I respect a lot after his teaching and guidance. I won't deny that I am inexperience, doubtful and not up for it ... but Boss manage to counter that point. He disagree and still choose to believe in me. His words was

"I know you are young, but age isn't a matter. You can get experiences from pushing yourself to do the impossible ... or to just go with a routine flow. It's up to you. The choice is yours. Both way allow you to groom yourself well, if you want to be good at your job. Moreover, I think you will do just fine ... good ... I won't expect a perfect and great from you"

I wonder is he "that" desperate ... Gosh ... I wish I could talk to K and share my thoughts ... K would definitely know what to do!

With all the stress ... it seems like a lonely war. I now know and understand why J-Gun hardly smile last time and finally left the company with his chin up. Sigh*

What to do ...

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