Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today I went skytrek again with my bunch of mates. It was so much fun albeit my fatigue from only a few hours of sleep. While I was a high above, crossing from platforms to platforms, seeing Klev and Ric helping each other reminded me of someone, vaguely and still lingering abouts. Although it has been about about 1 year and 6 months, still at times - at certain hours or intervals I wish he was around, or rather chose to be around ...

Because the intensity of the activity, the memory only glimpse. I had to concentrate as my life depends on my attention to safely lock and harness myself before adventuring thought from one platform to the other. It suddenly came, quickly vanished. Or I would say momentarily stored aside

But when I was returning from dinner with Ryan and MK just about 30min ago ... a song played and flashbacks started occurring. It was this song ....

The song is beautiful. Sang in the modern version by one of my all time favourites and she literally let my feelings out. I guess I still love him, in so many different ways.

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