Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid 20s celebration

How do you know when you are old? When you are in the gym shower thinking about what is your next milestone in life to be achieved, property or investment or engage in retirement plan ... Compared to when I was in Fitness First Summit (probably 5-6 years ago), I was thinking about when will I graduate from Uni, what to eat at usj 1 mamak and whether K will bring me to Disneyland one day (which he did :-p) ...

That said, yesterday when I was in the shower at gym, I actually eavesdrop on a conversation between 2 guys (who was chatting quite openly - students), where they were talking about the girl that rock their bed, how big should your chest gets to get adequate attention and that they would rather play their ipad than go to class.

How times has changed and I take back my words when I claimed that I will always stay young. Hmmm ... so I have added an extra candle on my cake this year. But the past few days was well spent with some of the people that had rock (and will continue so) in my life!

Ben's KLCC w the boys ... Ming King and James

Ok, Katy came to celebrate too!

Bday w Ron @ Cava

That sweetie pie treated me champagne ... Bill burst thanks to him!

to-DIE-for dessert ...

Little Korea @ Sunway with my beloved sisters

I think I look cute in this pic lor~

Topoki my favourite

Korean again w Kenny

La Bodega drinking and tapasing with Dave and Joe

I love this picture. BTW, Dave ... look so freaking young! URGH jealous sial

So ... YA. I am embracing my mid 20s aging quite comfortably la. LOL ... and Joe, you owe me a trip! haha. Can't wait to see MC this coming Sept ... I think that is the most Blated celebration I will have so far ...

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