Monday, August 15, 2011

Leaving on a jetplane

Ah! And so the celebration continues ... IN JAKARTA! Can't wait to see Yun Li and Nat! Ah ... they are always so funny and cool to hang out with. Of course the trip is accompanied by my two brothers and I can't wait! It's been two years since we travel together-gether. Haha


A friend of mine actually made a very funny joke. He said "Your birthday very special one lo, people celebrate Chinese New Year only 15 days, your birthday people celebrate 21 days one ... so spoiled!"

Just to clarify, I do have quite a number of friends ok! And most of them don't want to celebrate during the weekdays ma ... thats why it will go across the weekends lo. So tentatively, only a few days la. :p

Since I have no roaming in JKT, I guess the only way to keep in touch is either thru wifi or my brother's local indon number which I am absolutely clueless. Tee Hee.

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