Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jakarta 2011

I am so lazy to write about it! But the trip has been nothing but fun fun fun ... eat eat eat ... talk talk talk ... laugh laugh laugh ... and probably just one shop. LOL

Our brotherhood trip, very much delayed had been forcefully realized with last minute dates and plan. A very great thank you to Li who had been so accommodating to us,. not to mention the trouble and mishap we had caused her. Sorry ya, but we still love you! And we know you do too! HAHAHAHA

Let's go white shoes!

This story begins with three boys

About to depart

My brothers with Li's cooking.

Li cooked ... awww ... MUAX MUAX

This cake is utterly sinful. The knife can't go through the layer of chocolates. SINFUL!

Happy Burfday to ME!

Li's cutiepie ... STACY! Hehe ... I miss you so so much!

Big Bro look so cute in his glasses ! So adorable ... love this pic

Mee TEK TEK ... midnight supper

Nice art concept setup ... at PP ... which is what again a?

Manage to meet Angelyn (my ex colleague) ... Haven't seen her in years!

Memang la ... Sister and Brother ... Shopping spree

Damn ... LOOK AT HER LEGS!!! She's taller than me!!!

Ini lah famous moulin rouge setting dekat Grand Indonesia!

Li babe explaining the types of Sambal. How kewl ... and HAwt!

Looking silly with Abang Long! Big Bro

The famous Bandung Shopping at Rumah Mode!

Models ... Hehe

Look at the amount of plates and dishes!!!

Bro with his friends from Bandung ... The food is so freaking awesome

My two beloved brothers. Its good to have brothers!

Wah ... Damn leng lui ... I think I look in this pic ... LOL

Me likey! Me want! Me gobble

Bandung trip about to end ... cheese!

The gang at this place which is really awesome for hang out, ambience and all !!!

I love the mug ... so kiut!

hair spa before boarding the plane ... syiok!

and so we are returning ... to KL


There are so many food pics lo ... but I wanna upload just few that I really like. To show off my camera. Haha

Ha .... Macro shots. Me likey :P

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