Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My experience removing this weird foreign object in the eye

And so they say that its quite dramatic if you decided to slice a piece of your organ or tissue out from your body. Honestly, the drama nowadays lay in preparation or anticipation rather than the actual act itself.

I went for my full eye check today after a minor diagnosis by an optometrist showing result that one of my cornea was "mishaped" causing discomfort and so. The actual culprit was actually what the doctor today called a foreign object (likely a dust or paper or plastic) that has flew into my eye, where I must have rub it so hard that the skin layer actually grew and overlay this lil microscopic object. I cannot proceed to correct the mishape with the surgery if this lil tiny creature is laying there, obstruction of carefully flapping the cornea ... Dramatic words the nurse used.

After enlarging the picture 1000x, it was as huge as the sesame seed. Yucky and not very pleasant to have something that could actually sink into the cornea. I made up my mind to have it quickly removed.

Thus the doctor put an antiseptic eye drop which numb the right eye and diligently used a pair of forceps, carefully pricking the damn thing out from the eye. I have to say, it felt like hell - psychologically to have something that sharp so near to your eye. But it was a no pain, no strain, short simple sweet operation. Less than 20 seconds. I was good. All done

The bill came. RM110.

Amazing. Why am I not a doctor again? 110 divide by 20 seconds, the treatment actually cost 5.5 ringgit a SECOND!

So that's my lil experience for now. Another visit in 2 weeks time and hopefully then I can arrange the proper treatment and surgery to correct the damn cornea ... and also my power hopefully. Pray hard my eyes will heal properly in this 2 week.

Right now, i am just enjoying the fact that my pupils are diluted and I can only spend 15 minutes in front of the screen. Time is almost up! See ya

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