Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disney Night

Well, let's just say that the girls decided to have a Disney celebration. I was to put on Disney party hats and eat in Disney utensils that has the Disney Princess. Konon la commemorate my princess attitude like status. LOL

What to do, this is what happen when you have a bunch of wacko friends from the media industry. That said, they were very sincere lo ... actually cooked my favourite dishes for dinner! And then Lynn gotta make me feel like a lil boy when she actually bake muffins for me ... Awww ...

Presenting the chefs, Eva ... Lynn ... Vynn ... Grace

Simple gang, Simple dinner, Big meaning to me

Even Lynn's doll want to eat the rice

We have Healthy grilled vegs!

Eva's famous Paprik Ayam! WAH ... my last time was 4 years back when she cooked it in VIC

Cold Tuna Pasta... Hungry liao!

My muffins ... and the tray of muffins too ... :P

Seems like Vynn enjoy the cartoon and muffin more than me lo ...

Big breather they are not cupcakes. So happy lo ... and our hang out session ended when we watched back to back disney cartoons, having chips and drinks just like my favourite times in Melbourne. DOUBLE AWWW


Next ... Jakarta Trip

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