Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Today I met a friend for an upcoming job in copywriting. This particular friend was introduced to me by a very good friend, someone I looked up to in life for his calm and ever so logical demeanor. As I sat just inches away, asking questions to get more information on the job and requirements ... I cannot help but wonder how successful he has been.

Down to earth in many sense, the soft spoken founder relates stories of his past while I admire how does a hardcore entrepreneur like him keep the lines away. He definitely look 10 years younger. Ok, maybe 7 ... but that says a lot already, compared to the other business owners I've met.

His expensive TagH and wallet says a lot about the achievement he has invested into his business. While he politely excuses himself with incoming phone calls and multi tasking, I ask myself that in this junction of my life ... Do I see myself like him, young and living by flexibility in life to grow your own business.

My multitasking (or how some people will say I am over analytical) me began to note the important facts from him and still ponder upon the possibilities, opportunities and risk I may face going into self sustaining business. How would I measure to skillful and experienced business owners who know what they are selling ... As I sat through the night, watching TV ... It has been many nights since I drown myself in thoughts. Apparently, its a frequent occurences in the past when the stars align to enter the phase of Leos. Every year, no fail ... it happens. I wonder why I dread August in so many sense.

So, while my mind wanders and I anticipate another late night .... I began to plot my next course in life. I really have a short term goal that I need to achieve, at the same time a long term one that I would like to start on. The key question is really ... what? I have the passion and adrenaline but some how between the fire and all the planning, I actually have no concrete business model to start. No product, small idea and absence dream.

Quite a loser since I had always helped bosses to create, build and sustain new markets. What a portfolio some says. But when it comes to me, everything falls apart. For once, I wanna be positive about things, so ...

1. I will pledge most of my time to rest and balance it out with my MBA studies, hopefully to quickly complete the course ... crossing fingers, with flying colors

2. I will come up with 2 business plans in writing, covering the mechanics, strategic planning and financials to act as my part time business ventures

3. I shall aggressively seek and select the proper career path that I intend to follow through. Time to put some talk into actions.

So this is the three thing that will be lingering in my head. Acting as constant reminder. Of course there are lil stuff like gym and my freelance job too.

Hmm cannot believe a 30min meeting with a business owner can be that motivating. Hopefully it last, but like Mr Watch like to say ... nothing is permanent. So let's see how far this fire keeps burning eh ...

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  1. i bid you good luck then. its just that the consistency in getting the passion and drive in something is really really hard, unless you have a clear idea and image behind those clouds. been there, done that. just make sure side tracks don't tie you down too much I guess.