Thursday, July 14, 2011

Accounting test

I am so lazy. Supposedly to study for test this coming saturday. But looking at ratios, its formula and analysis is giving me a headache. Or am I procrastinating? I think I am, actually I am.

I have in total 5 questions to prepare for this saturday, but honestly speaking ... I am not prepared at all. I should really start working on my revision, but it must be age creeping up on me. Realize my brain cannot take in info as well as years back. One things for sure, I am glad I pursued my post grad studies before I really become rusty.

But god has a great way of rewarding time and another chance for me. I am hardly this optimistic but I only need to work till 1pm tomorrow. From then on, I have a few hours to spare in the quiet library that will definitely endorse my revision efforts ... MK has also arranged gym earlier, a rest treat for me and after that will be slavering away with numbers, worksheets and also balancing numbers through the night.

Hopefully by saturday noon, I would be able to pass my test and concentrate on my group assignment. I cannot afford to fail any subject ... *pray pray

1 comment:

  1. baaah you seemed to be smart, and determined enough to pass with flying colors~

    your gym look seemed to be very serious too! haha actually I bumped into you last tuesday in the gym. I guess Subang is freakin' small!