Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kudos to my 3D team

I have to say this. Even though all of us were issue resignation due to company's legal dispute (bosses fighting as usual - sadly), my team has been nothing but great. They still perform their duly duties as a team and under the notion where you are not suppose to work your ass off for a company that will not issue any bonus performance, my team has proved that at the end of the day - it is not all about money.

It is about respect and reputation. Being trained to have responsibility and integrity in their work, commitments towards their task and also injecting a bit of passion, my team have brave through the past month of up and downs, and only to find that we have no choice but to be forced out of business. I speculated bad attendance, low morality and weak performance to wrap up the last few task at work. They have proved me so wrong.

The company would not have made it this far, and even further (forseeing what could have happened in the next months) without their contributions and commitment to the jobs. We had run the company in a lean and mean system. One project after another, tight datelines and sometimes across the weekends. But no one complained, everyone did their part. I am grateful to have this team with me through my tenure in the company and with the bottom of my heart, I will miss this bunch and hope for the best in their future endeavors.

Kudos and raising glass to this team. I swear if I ever get to be boss one day, I will recruit this bunch of workforce. It is a blessing in disguise and in business terminology, tacit profit to the business.

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  1. Then you'd better get their emails, facebook, phone number or even house address to make sure you are able to beep them up once you've set up a company.

    Yet, if they were that good, they'd probably also end up some place where their capabilities meet the top.

    Definitely a life changing experience working with a highly motivated team.