Thursday, July 28, 2011

Power of observation

I have to say that today's whether was awesome for jogging. After rain and a slight breeze always brings the best environment for outdoor activities. I realized I am in the mood for being observant, or some people would call it busy-body, a term locally coiled which means nosy. As I paddle my legs away, I notice a few things

1. The girl with the white ipod and shocking pink nike shoes jogging, she drives a Vios
2. Kids playing football, the goal keeper will grow up to look very handsome
3. The boy who needs to put on more weight because his legs seems a bit far to frail to sustain his torso.
4. The security guard rounds the neighborhood in a white motorbike, nice tattoo too!
5. The lassie dog. Stunning beautiful, house no. 43 right?
6. That's not a house, that's a tropical jungle ... cannot find the house number
7. Why is there a Bentley in a normal link house? Hmm ... interesting site next to a Myvi
8. How come the lady sits and stare into the thin air? Lonely soul ...
9. Two friends catching up on school gossips on their bicycle, I dont think bald is his look
10. This little girl should not be walking home alone from school !!! She is too young, invitation for kidnap

Some interesting things I remembered from my jog. I wonder would anyone notice a stranger me, jogging around their neighborhood. Now I feel like I am a good planner for robbery. I remembered the 11th interesting thing. Most houses are vulnerable for crime ... and I know their exact locations

Power of observation and camouflaging

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