Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eva Bday 2011 @ Sunway Lagoon

This time around, we went to Sunway Lagoon for a whole day of fun, thrill and exercising of eye muscle! We sorta predicted that the crowd would be moderate and the weather would be perfect for the outdoor amusement thing. So, a bunch of us packed up our bags and rumble the rides with my new camera. I have to say, the few most memorable rides or attraction are

1. Scream Park
The 4 in 1 themepark encompasses basically a walk through, corridors, maze and a big hall where scare actors are everywhere. Some of them are really freaky, especially the zombie guy in red suit that will act as our tour guide. He has unpredictable attitude with sudden lunges and sometimes cute in his speech. Either way, it is not for the faint hearted because the place is creepy, dark and when you go with friends who easily gets freaked out ... you tend to just get into the mood of being frighten. Lots of screaming, running (which is not suppose to happen but did thanks to zombies!) and definitely some "evil laugh", shrieks and blow ...

2. Pirate Ship
Never the day I thought I will board a ride that will lift me up and spin me around 360 degrees. When we were lift a few hundred feet off the ground, belly upside down and the momentum keeps pushing ... this pirate ship is definitely not one that is operated by Captain Jack Sparrow. The feeling of being push forward and backward till you are like in midair isn't funny for someone like me, lynn and vynn who is afraid of heights. While the Cancerians laugh and had a great time ... the three of us held on to our dear life, curse and wish that we never board the ship/

3. Water Slide
Fun when you have a group of people racing down the slope of water funnels. Crazy speed, lots of laughter ... lots of water. Its just plain fun and addictive.

We covered most of the attractions except for the wildlife park (animal exhibits) and skipped a few rides that are deemed more scarier than the pirate ship. We really had a blast ... and right now, I am really sleepy ... so I let the pictures do the story telling instead ... click on pic for larger view :-)

Me on the ferris wheel - that me and MK went around 7 times while waiting for the girls.

We even went for kiddy type rides ... what? Then only the RM75 has more value ma!

Me and Lynn survived the 360 pirate ship. She had her tears all dried up, I had a great laugh cos it was so fun cursing from mid air

me trying to be spiderman in the bungy trampoline

One place we decided to skip - the fake beach, so just a pic will do la

Hehe ... the only pic I had abs...

After 3 hours of wet wet wet and we are heading to more wet rides!

In front of the water theme park with the birthday girl

Love you peeps and happy burfday again dearie! Muax

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