Friday, July 1, 2011

The Summary of June

The past few weeks have tested my skills in balancing life between friends and work activities. I realise that everytime I am driving back home, my brain cells are sub-consciously managing when to meet who at where. Is that or what to expect in the next few days or the next few weekends to come.

With my recent workplace having to restructure and preparing for spring cleaning session to wind up the dramatic situation, at the same time managing a 5 night event (last project) that conveniently and consecutively clashing schedules with my SMBP exam - it was clearly a rock and roll ride for me. It feels like you are slowly losing your limbs. Both emotional and physically draining, I am posting something way backdated ... Picture post!

I cannot believe within a month time I will be jobless but yet am able to find humour in such a supposedly grey and mourning period. Life moves on I guess. Sort of got used to recovering from decisions that forced you out of certain comfort zones.

Here is what happened as a quick recap of the past two weeks ...

Group presentation for SMBP unit @ VUMBA

Celebrating C & SF bday - double celebration

Dinner @ Market Hall Pavillion w Ron

May's bday @ Sushi Zanmai


MK's Bday

Carlson's Bday

Timeout @ Marcus place in Spore.

I think JL is right. I must find time to unwind and just chill. The past 2 weeks + has been nothing but entertaining - and lots of entertaining! I am so glad to have great friends around :-) Thanks for all the support and phone calls of comfort. You guys are the best ~

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