Saturday, October 31, 2009

It is happening again ,,,

A few more hours and I will be sitting for my first MBA test. I can't help but feel stress. It is not entirely from exam prep but also include other factors. After all, like James said ... who is actually calm when it comes to sitting for an exam the next day?

So I did all I could to reduce the stress rate; eating, finishing my to-do list, revising my studies, learning something fresh from a seminar, trying to talk to a special friend, staying positive and smiling through the day even when I was feeling the storm and heavy rain earlier. Somehow, I do not know why but I felt that something is missing, something is quite not right.

I feel that I should be somewhere attending to someone's need and concern. It's a weird and unspoken feeling but the feeling is very strong and it lingers around me. I certainly can't brush it off but I also know that I can't possible handle the situation because my mind is preoccupied for the exam. I have program my body to prioritize tomorrow because after the module test, I would be on my new job ... and deferring my MBA for a few months. I cannot fail tomorrow's exam. With my "tak apa lah" prep ... I am sure I need all the peace of mind to write 5 analysis within 3 hours...

Here I am, lying on my bed, pondering and worrying on things I cannot control and also something I am not sure of what ... when I could actually study. I can't anyway, my brain is stuffed. Since that's the case, I guess I better just be selfish and hope for the best. Afterall, I still do not know what is going on at the side ... too many loop holes and unanswered callings. I just do not know why I always get tested this way ... given two problems, on a same time and forced to confront them ... what is wrong?

I think I have pre-exam anxiety...

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