Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Condo's fire alarm just went off. I am not even sure if it is a real fire emergency, or a fake one. I looked out the balcony and it seems peaceful. No one screaming or frantically moving about. I decide to take a brief walk out of condo and scout to see what the neighbors are up to. No one responded. One neighbor did open his door, looked out worried and smile at me. Then, amazingly he closed his door and went back in ... I think it is a bogus alarm.

So, the alarm goes off about ... hmm ... checking watch, 10 minutes ago and I am here, lying on the comfortable carpet blogging. The phony alarm stopped and I am thinking, what if it was real??? What if the smoke alarm did went off to indicate a fire ...

I would still most likely be taking pictures and blogging? Perhaps? Sigh. How come we (implying to neighbors at condo as well) have such a mentality? I guess we just dread walking down the stairs and rather be burn to death. LOL

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