Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mariah eating babies

Had a real laugh yesterday when I was with Eva and Kenny at Honeymoon - Dessert place at One Utama. We were talking about Mariah's new album and of course, Mariah herself. How she never aged since.

Me : How come she never aged a bit one a?
Eva : Botox la!
Me : I believe she injected Botox to her body too lo!
Eva : LOL
Kenny : I think she ate babies
Eva and Me : Haha, that's funny
Kenny : Yeap, she ate babies, once before meal, three times a day!
Me : Maybe that's how she is related to MJ! She ate their babies for him!
Eva : Maybe she ate Angie's babies too! And then Brad Pitt was after her to get his babies back.
Kenny : Hehe
Eva : Then, Mariah said "why are you so obsessed with me?"
Me : HAHA ...That was lame!
Eva : I know!

In store now ... I think ...

See ... meaningless dumb celebrity gossip. That's what you (or at least I) do when you hang out on a weekday. Gosh, I have a life! LOL

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