Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad traffic

I exit pyramid today, after gym during peak hour which is a rare case, to find the horrifying traffic condition outside. It was so congested, I had to subject in using a different route ... which was also jammed packed with cars. A 5 minutes drive home soon took 25 minutes, using an alternative route much further and still a bumper-to-bumper scene really irritate me. What is wrong with our road system?

There was a broken-down car and the couple (or maybe brother and sister) stood at the road side, onlooking the heavy traffic. It was not their fault because beyond the stagnant car, it was still very jam. I could see the guy lashing out on the girl, quite a sad scene. He was pointing to the car and with his body language, I gathered it was the girls fault. She stood there, lip-bitten with a very guilty face. Even if it was her fault, I seriously think the guy should control his temper and not cause any further strain on her. If I were her, I will be so angry because how could someone inflict more stress in such a dire condition. To me, she look like a damsel in distress ... poor soul

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