Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dad's a lucky man

Thank you to all my friends who had supported my family through this tough time. On behalf of my family and my deepest appreciation, thank you for the good wishes, prayers said, support, contacts and also the most important your care and concern for my dad.

I am glad to say that he is now in safe hands of professionals at Assunta Hospital PJ after transferring from the GH Melaka ... which was all Hell and Bullshit...

Dad's a real lucky man and definitely my survival idol. After being hit by a oil trailer, where he and his partner's vehicle somersaulted a few times before stand still. Witness who saw dad crawled out of the vehicle was stunned at his action seeing how the vehicle was recked. Both Dad and his business partner survived the fatal crash, after a trial to avoid the speeding oil trailer at the Melaka Highway.

Being hospitalized in Melaka General Hospital was definitely more trauma than the accident itself, I will cut the story short and list down my dad's experience after admitting into the ER at 53opm

1. Dad was admitted into ER at 530pm, Mum arrived at ER about 8pm ... Dad was not treated, wounds were fresh, bleeding profusely, dad were not speaking properly, ALL wounds even the basic abrasions were not treated

2. Uncle who arrived with mum complained about delayed treatment, a few times between 8pm-10pm. Only cotton was provided to clean the wound, Nurse did not attend and Mum had to do it herself. Imagine how would you feel

3. Sis and I arrived about 11pm. Dad was in ward. Visited him ... shocked to see no wound was treated. Still bleeding as the same. Mum claimed nothing was done except that he is now in the ward rather than the ER. Nurses told me that no doctors were on duty. Exact words were, only one was on duty who can do stiching ... and he is now busy delivering a baby. Funny?

4. After checking into a local hotel, mum and I returned to the hospital about 230am to find dad STILL UNATTENDED. nothing was done, blood flowing onto his pillow, bed and all. Confronted nurses, same answer were given. My first warning was if dad has not get any treatment by morning, I will killsomeone.

5. Sis and Mum met dad in the morning about 8am, dad is in "claimed" stable condition but wounds were still bleeding and such. Dad still muttering, and mum wanted dad to be transfered back to KL. Commotion when GH trying to delayed the transfer, claiming they are doing their best for dad when all I see is dad's face bleeding, dirty, dried blood stain and no wounds were bandaged.

6. I flipped at a Nurse literally making her cry when she refuses to answer me in polite tone and professionally. Also, she tried bitching with me about dad's condition ... which looks bad to me, saying she is doing her best ... after 20hours. I did not literally slapped her, but I am sure my words were painful enough for the senior nurse (older than me by a few years) to cry and looked for a doctor.

7. Doctor reassure that medical report will be out in 3 hours, and I can discharge dad with an Ambulance (on book - thanks to my friends) about 1pm.

8. 1PM ... found out that mistake was done on XRay for the head. Going to redo XRay. Reason was because they think that the XRay taken earlier was not precise and had found foreign object in dad's brain. Maybe just XRay problem. Later, proves that the latest XRay showed nothing severe. WASTE TIME

9. Trainee nurse almost made mistakes in giving dad a jab for pain killer. One, did not use sterile and antiseptic gauze before the injection and two, injecting on the wrong side of the arm. Both mistake were quickly picked up by a nearby nurse who warned her wrong doings. I was there, watching with suck anger ... Nurses gave me a "I'm New" smile

10. Nurse forgot to book a radiologist for my dad's abdominal injury. Unbelieveable

11. Abdominal scan was not done and was placed in a long que ... Dad may had to prolong his transfer back to KL.

12. Eye doctor requested dad to visit eye clinic to check on his injury, nurses assisted dad up from bed and blood was flowing through his wound. Had to stop the action as it was not properly examined and doctor was blamed by nurse for this. Nonsense, both should die

13. Many trainee took dad's condition as an opportunity to learn ... disturbing him everytime. Was almost slapped by me ... and my sister too

14. Broken toilet pipe, overflowing water from the toilet into the ward room ... shared by 8 patients.

AND of course, there is more. Those are the few ... So ... Dad was FINALLY transfered when me and my uncle caused some commotion and drama at the ward. At the end, dad was release with the Ambulance I hired, speeding down 180km per hour to KL. After 24 hours in GH Melaka ... they only provided me with 3 page report of his medical condition after a gruesome accident. When we reached Assunta, the doctor dispose the letter with note that crucial info was not given and treatment was lacked.

Assunta only took 2 hours and 15minutes to clean dad, get him a ward, top to toe report scan (CT and XRay) ... with all his wound bandaged. Now, that's money worth paying ... why? Cos lives are invovled.

TO HELL WITH GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL. Sorry to those who are good. Your peers did not live up to that standard.

Anyway, Today's report show no brain nor nerve damage. The severe laceration beneath his eye and also at his nose will be going through a plastic surgery soon. Abrasions on his legs, skin, face and also body has been treated and on medication. For the abdominal, knee and leg contusion, I hope the swelling will go off soon and pose no danger.

PS - If ever you / a relative is in an ambulance ... and you are conscious ... please tell them to send you to a private hosp, or else if you ended up in a local government hospital, you might as well visit Hades down in Hell.

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