Saturday, July 4, 2009

Talking, Coffee and Singing

You know you found the best of friends and they are as important as your family when;

1. They spend time making you smile and laugh at ungodly hours
2. They call everyday to check on you when you need support the most
3. They offer financial help and moral support over a cup of iced mocha
4. They find time to have dinner, drinks even when they are tired from work
5. They give you unbiased, logical yet supportive advises
6. They do not judge and force you to accept their opinion, nor their principles
7. They make the smallest effort to get you going on with life with open arms
8. They sing Kareoke with you till late morning and still can joke at 4am to make you smile

Diva, Angel, Devil ... That is what we called ourselves back in our great ol'school times

Those are the traits of my two best girlfriends, also my former housemates back in Melbourne. Three different personality living under one roof, reunited at dinner over Indonesian Food, Coffee over Gloria Jeans and finale at RedBox about 1am ... Can you imagine the damage we have done to our throat!? You girls are the best!!! I am looking forward for our next "concert" again. Love you a'll

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