Tuesday, April 11, 2006

6am & HUGE banana

It was about 2am last night after chatting with Kenny and Alvin over the phone, that I finally decided to just relax a lil and have a good night rest. It was a stressful day trying to puzzle the pieces for my ASC233 - Migration essay. The relaxation somehow lead me to sleep at 6am. Ironic isnt it? I was really mentally tired and physically drained but I can't sleep. I drank hot milo and read a lil but still I couldn't sleep ... I really think I have insomnia ...

Later, I woke up about 9am and handed in my sociology assignment @ Uni, met the girls back home, grab my bag and rumpy (that's our shopping trolley 0_o) and headed to Victoria Market. Amazingly, all three of us ran out of veges. Eva exhanged a shirt that she bought a few days ago and we had vietnam food for lunch @ Mekong. The food was not bad and quite nice. There was a cute thai gay guy (shoking pink sandals and the *gay gaze* confirmed his sexuality) that sat in front of our table. He kept looking and smile. Eva looked at him, whispered to me "He's cruising you". I returned a smile but kept looking down on my dish. Don't wanna give him the wrong idea right ?!?! I couldnt help but think what he sees in me... Maybe there is spinach stuck between my teeth ...

After lunch, I went to the bank, withdraw some cash and Grace visited an arcade to buy a bible. Eva and me ended up at this really cool british postal store where you get to buy old, antique stamps. It was really cool! I fancy the ones with Hitler (cost abour $300!!!!) and some others which I cannot afford. OBVIOUSLY! But I manage to get myself a collection of China Zodiac Collection that I always wanted in Malaysia but they sold it for about RM18 ... I bought it for $2 ... LOL

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BEAUTIFUL ain't it???

We went back to Camberwell, stock up a lil at Safeway, headed home and I had a HUGE banana I bought in Vic Mart (WHY AUSTRALIA'S BANANA SO LONG ONE>?????) and took a nap about 7. Woke up about 9 ... made dinner, ate and resume my assignment writing. Half way through break time - I decided to blog. hehe

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Mind the ugly look due to lack of sleep ... concentrate on the banana

So nothing much already la ...