Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Lazy Bumpers

This post is dedicated to me ... and my team members.

I have only 2 full-days of classes. It's cool huh? But I have 4 thick readers to read and that would need a day. Each reader at least has 2 article and each article is about 20pages minimum. So ... the formula is;

4 x 2 x 20 = 160pages of readings .... minimum

The readings are of course typical articles about what this scholar says, what this scholar go against, why are the content - the debate of the society, when and why it happened, who are the people affected by that kind of ideology, saying, quotes, discourse, subject and yada yada yada. Mostly boring stuff ...

So back to me being lazy. At first, I thought it was cool having 4 days off ... but I WAS SO WRONG! The workload started to pour in ... assignment due every other week and I have 2 major test to prepare for (out of those freaking thick readers) and 2 minor test (which is not as bad ... but still!). Overall, my 4 days off should be productive but I have no idea what's gotten into me ... I always end up doing nothing much for the day. All I do is eat, talk, play and sleep. I should be shot dead ... compared to the rush and intensity I was getting back in Limkokwing, this is nothing ... but why I am turning into a lazy pig ???

Moving onto my group members. ARE AUSTRALIANS JUST PLAIN LAZY AND SLUGGISH? They don't seem to care about our project ... I mean, it's not like we have much time! I voluntered to see the lecturer everyweek for updates and be their middle person emailing everyone about what's going on ... what do I get? Nothing! I SMS the team leader updating the situation we are having ... her reply? NOTHING! Am I being over-paranoia and demanding or they just want to bully me and decided that we should flung this unit together?@$?!#%*!@$ Now someone should shoot them dead ... I miss SeeMun, Cheryl, Lynn and Soongs as my members!

Just realize I am such a hypocrite. Anyway - I am so freaking stressed out, thinking that I am freaking unproductive and lazy... I shall devour my bear bears to make myself feel better....

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  1. adui...so cham ah? aussies are like that one..i have one aussie guy in my group. very cham. sigh...

  2. take it easy bro....i know u'll be able to manage it.... As for the Oz's...it's not they're lazy... some just take things abit lightly...lte me tell u, it's better they're that way...at least u can do your own thing....some of them are hell....way too serious and so competitive....really dont know wht they r competing for..it's not even a competition.... Uni days is just a journey we take to really go out there and compete our ass off....that's the real world....So, dont take things too seriously sometimes....do wht u can u and give it your best shoot but dont stress yourself..ok?...take good care of yourself..love u bro..

  3. as i was readin ur blog...i could actualy feel it('ze frustration) as well.....
    though its been YEARS since i last did any "Assignment"lolz,
    darn,time flies..*sweat*..

    anyhw...do tk care of urself ya..WHEN ARE U COMIN BACK??MISS YAAA!(knw wat, din even knw u left for OZ until..last month whn i heard frm jimy..)sighz..


  4. Hey, I find Aussie really laidback and relaxed. I mean, they have said that to me before I eft Malaysia, but man, they are too relaxed, hahaha compared to us Chinese. They can be druk by noon too, lol.

  5. aysh - nope ... they are butter cookies ...

    lynn - ergh ... can we be on the same group? lol

    jimmy - yah! we splitted our gang. the hardworking responsible one is in my team now. The slackers don't even care! ahahaha.
    weird thou ... all my new members are not Australians ... :P

    annjet - hey dear! I am so sorry not to informed you and eve about me. It was very busy and hectic for me. Had to rush to
    many places and deal with many people. I am so sorry ... forgive me k but I WILL REMEMBER GIFTS FOR YOU ALL! hehe

    vini - Too laidback and relaxed le. No sense of responsibility. Eva & Grace has no problem with their team member. I guess
    I was unlucky only