Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Friday Dinner

I love cycling. That's mainly because the weather here allows it. I cycled down Warrigal Rd today to Camberwell Ashwood in search for wine goblets. They didn't have it, so I bought the picnic packs type - plastic; useable and durable and cheap! We bought wine and I don't drink them with mugs or cups which is only available here. The girls were planning a Good Fri dinner because Grace would be going for service on Friday and already has plans to catch Ice Age II with her church friend tomorrow night. So, we end up having the dinner on a Thursday night instead.

I shall skip the details of us cooking ... but I felt so bad ... I kinda burn Grace's and my lamb in the oven. I forgot to switch the temperature down after 15 minutes of grilling. So it went on with for another 20 minutes, practically coloring everything black. AGH! I am such a bad cook ...

The results; was something that look like that -

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Mine was better than Grace's as I have added tomatoes on top of mine instead compared to Grace's piece which just has nothing but BBQ sauce. I am so sorry dearie! I shall treat you @ Sofia next time ya! Then, we had a meal accompanied by wine ... It was ok ... Everyone was red ... We had some nice, relaxing time listening to Diana Krall singing away and the meal wasn't that bad afterall. Somehow or rather, everyone was busy ... so it was a quiet ending for the night

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After publishing this post, I would be soaking myself in a warm bathtub of water while listening to jazz and sipping the rose wine I bought. ... Am going to really enjoy the meaning of relaxation tonight. Well, what is the meaning of celebrating Good Friday and Easter without Easter eggs right>? So ... I spend a lil more money and got each of my housemate a gift.

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I bought the small ones for the girls while the PINK one is mine! hehehe

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. egg.......
    hmm, not bad..i also have one, shall took a pic n show u....

  2. Wish u a happy Easter in Melbourne...i'm sure the Easter spirit is stronger here as compared to Malaysia.

  3. I want an egg too!!

    Dont worry about the lamb dearie, practice makes perfect.


  4. Next time if you want to roast try coating the lamb in salt, then add a thin flour layer on top (VERY THIN YA) then add onion salt, garlic salt, black pepper. Let the lamb roast for a while. Better when its medium done as the juice of the lamb comes out. Serve with roasted baby potatos (chuck the baby potatos with salt, butter, herbs into a foil). Very yummy one.

    This recipe is not mine both my brother. He cooks, I eat =P

    P/S: Agree with Kenny. Pratice makes perfect. AND HAPPY EASTER!

  5. send those lambs to USJ... prob solved!!! =p

  6. vynn : well, ok ... will wait for u to show me

    hcpen : yeap ... easter here is much better ...

    ken : yeah

    dee : i shall try that ... what if its burn again??? ... I suppose that proves that I am a bad cook huh ...

    Alvun : ship em? you sure? i dun mind ... but u will have to pay for it!