Saturday, April 22, 2006


It's amazing how friendly this country is. I went groceries shopping again (you see, I eat alot!) and the girls are at production for their TV shooting assignment - something like that. So, being all alone at home, waking up to practically nothing to munch, I've decided to just cycle down to Ashwood and light-shop. Along the way, I manage to smile and say hello to 2 complete strangers. One was just crossing a street (I was heading the other direction) and the other were just sweeping leaves in his front yard (autumm effect).

No doubt, almost everyone you bump into in the supermarket will return a smile, when you flash a friedly-hello smile at them, but to have almost everyone you bump into smiling first, that was first time for me regardless of their gender, age and nationality differences. It wasn't any cynical smile or flirtatious grin. It was more on a "how ya doing" smile. Friendly and sincere. I feel so warm and comfortable walking around retrieving a sense of acceptance. After all, it's not like people smile at you back in Malaysia. They most probably will think you are crazy when you do it...

Back home, a jogger smiled at me and it made my day. Only able to sleep an hour or two before sunrise, kinda made my productivity and concentration went from hero to zero. I practically wake up late and do nothing but eat and sleep. No mood for assignment nor anything else. There goes the assignments - stocking up! So, having people make my day, I think today will be a great day to start off ...


  1. they didn't give you the flirtatious grin aaa?!?! how cud they??? =)

  2. kyen : haha ... thanks dear!

    leo : what to do ... i am ugly, who would wanna grin at a ugly boy like me :P