Monday, January 23, 2006

Inspiring Geisha

Mum assaults discipline teacher

BUKIT MERTAJAM: A discipline teacher of a well-known secondary school here was allegedly assaulted by the mother of a student whom she had advised keep her hair short. Lim Boon Ho, 34, claimed that the incident occurred last Friday, one day after his wife Cheng Keed Wah, 35, gave the advice to the Form Four student.

“My wife was leaving for the school assembly in the morning when a woman rushed into the staff room with a pair of scissors and a magazine, and tried to attack her,” Lim said.
“The woman screamed at my wife, that she would cut her hair since my wife liked to ask students to cut their long hair.”
“She then allegedly kicked Cheng three times in the stomach.

“Fortunately, a male teacher seized the scissors from the woman and managed to overpower her. The woman then told the male teacher that she would lodge a report that he molested her.

“Subsequently, the woman fled from the staff room. It was discovered later that she is the mother of the Form Four student who had been advised to keep her hair short. In the school magazine which she left behind the pictures of the disciplinary teachers were circled.

Lim added that a police report had been lodged. He said as a result of the struggle with the woman, his wife sustained injuries to her right hand, stomach, hips and head, and had to receive treatment at the district hospital.

Meanwhile, Bukit Mertajam CID chief Deputy Supt Chor Ah Sing confirmed that the victim and the assailant had lodged police reports.

I am very sure the mother watched Memoirs of the Geisha and decided that the best way to react towards such a matter was to DESTROY THE DISCIPLINE TEACHER!

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  1. aysh : It was entertaining! I am very bias in movies. Would love any movies that has cool, sexy, bitchy or ass-kicking chick in it! Hahaha... so you better ask someone more objective driven like damaris!