Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pirates Caribbean ... hmmm

This is a bit delayed. I watched Pirates a few days back. Yeap, it was the premier and being a fan of none other than the Captain Jack Sparrow ... I have to say that the movie was not as entertaining as the first three. The great thing or rather what I enjoyed about the movie, At Strangers Tides is probably the mermaid (yeap! naked nasty creatures) and also the Revenge Ship that Blackbeard stirs.

That said, I do like Penelope Cruz but in the movie, I find her character shallow, irritating and under-develop. So, basically she's out of the factor I ended up at the cinema. The story line was fairly poor and I have to say, the movie seems pushy. Pushy in the sense that it is a movie to capitalise on money rather than it is for entertainment. Sad but true!

So will I encourage people to watch the movie? If you are the Pirate franchise fan, then go watch it to relive the funny escapee of Jack. But I would skip it, and probably head to watch Priest, or Something Borrowed.

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  1. scared by the mermaid.. the scene where syrena suddenly pop out