Monday, May 9, 2011

CH - Thank you

Things could not have gotten worst. Last 2 weeks, I contracted an allergy itch from post viral infection that has rashes popping out from my skin. Not to mentioned the amount of pimples that has since then scar my facial complexion. Then, the allergy subsided and the skin condition was in repair mode, shedding its skin like no body business. Amount of treatment and lotion I used to prevent the the stinging peeling sensation was none other than irritating.

Just two days ago, while working out in gym - I accidentally pulled some muscles at the back of my neck which resulted in a bad sleep and now the diagnoses of a possible inflame eye due to strains that is connected to the neck.

Despite the never ending bad luck with little sickness threatening my health, I am swamped with projects at work suddenly and with the concurrent crisis management on-going, things are already at its' worse and surely at the wrong timing. Then the dread of going back to MBA classes after a short break just literally blew me off. I am sick ... both physically and mentally

So life sucks for me at the moment

As I sit here with my right eye covered and only using my left eye to interpret the accuracy of my typing, I am so happy that monday was well spent. It was filled with encouragement and to my surprise, friends can sometime shock you with the details they know about you. It could have been a wild guess, but it was good enough for me to lift my chin and face the days ahead.

"You are so strong outside but I know deep down that you are someone who wants a pillar and shoulder to lean on. You are stubborn but you can be persuaded with just small efforts and will from another. Simple to fulfill boy but yet challenging to please"

Great words from the wise CH. Is like he is yin-yang king! He balance every claim so accurately and delicately comfort the truth in a person. I almost cried when the words were uttered but yet he assures me that people should just love the way I am because I am worthy of it. As he held my neck and said softly, you really need to see the doctor - I gave in after hours of procrastination and delay. I gave in because I wanted to listen to him and because he earned every bit of respect from me. He made the effort to be there, notice my depression and wanted to turn me around to prepare for my business trip and upcoming challenges. Now I cried.

I cannot help but feel lucky, honored and loved. The amount of attention put to understand, accept and then sacrificed for a person is nothing but pure bliss. Every single word, crafted was accompanied by action, sincere from the heart and then coated with a tinge of sweetness. I often wonder, how do certain people possess such beautiful skills. Rare it may seems, I felt something that I shouldn't have felt. He doesn't have to do it, but he simply did because he said he just love to care for a person the way the person likes it. I was already tearing inside.

I was vulnerable but yet my stronghold held. He broke the walls, allow himself inside and mend every single piece with caution, dignity and empathy. The Lion was jaded, sleepwalking and swept of his feet. Awed I must say.

He has offered inspiring feedback that has a priceless clarity and with such obvious charms and ability to lead, direct and carefully guide the flow of ideas - he is breathtaking. Daring and direct, he exudes a sense of security and blanket ones from danger of ego, risk of hurt and always patience balancing the right and wrong. The one thing that I admire about him is that he lets his guard down, by just being plainly himself and always remembering that I am also part of his momentarily life presently. There were no ego, no pride and no qualms about it. It was just a simple person who constantly reminds you how much you meant to the world, friends and loved ones around.

He was not only saying things to make a person feel good, but literally help the person recuprate back into reality with both logic and emotions. A great combination and definitely something hard to pick up but it is surely something I want to learn, keep and harvest

I must say this is one hell of a person! I not only respect people who behave like this, but truly capable of falling in love just by the single click he sends. It is fortunate that he is taken because he is able to shed his strength onto the next generation and prove to be a great head of the family.

Thus, I've learned many new things today. For one, I cannot distant myself anymore from people like this just because I envy what they have and own, a to die for relationship. I cannot punish myself to settle with second best. Two, is hope and the desire to love again, and be loved equally back the way it should be ... the way it makes me feels whole and true

I hope with all the trouble I put him through today, he will still find me as a true friend.

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