Monday, May 16, 2011


Courtship. An art of engagement one who fails, ends up alone and quietly pleased. It is really all about taking chances and letting your guard down

If you are seeking a change in life, then it comes with bit of risk and being uncomfortable outside the box. It's a logical term. No argument about it.

Many of us are complaining and seem to live in the second wanted life because of a term, we can't always get what you want. Of course life is filled with changes. Inevitable I must say. But when it comes, where you have to make the decision in life to fit in and change, are you the type that is willing to take chances?

If not, no body will blame you. It is because you are comfortable with your current situation and seek someone to fit in rather than you yourself adapting. The weights are definitely on the other party and too heavy breaks the connectivity, too light seem playful and not serious. Either way, its a ball game that truthfully lies at the other party. Often in this scenario, things get uncontrollable and often ends in blunt sorrow.

If yes, then the ball game is at your court. You now have the rights, power and determination to will the way things turn out. Calculated risk on returns, worthy the time or not? The downfall of this is often over demand and unwilling to change. Come on, its not all about you and you. An engagement of any sort involves two party. So learn to budge at certain intervals and nudge when necessary.

So the next time an opportunity knocks, you can either answer it prepared or just let it run it course and risk success or failure. Just remember that it takes two hands to clap. It doesn't matter how, the sounds need to be heard

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