Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bye bye EP my buffalo

I sped down the tracks of LDP highway just a few minutes ago and wonder how many times have I actually felt melancholy over emotional stuff. Quite a number of times I must say. It was the last quarter of 2007, my first breakup driving down the lanes in tears almost knocking into a trailer. Then it was when KY had to leave for Spore and how a close friend was about to leave me, naturally would distant himself through time inevitable causing me to feel more sad. It was also the road where two of my girlfriend spent their time sharing stories which reveals secrets that I am still shocked till today. It was also the road where I refuse to attend WC farewell because it was too soon for another friend to leave. I was just getting to know him, and he was just getting close to me.

There were also frequency of flashback on how I joke about life, ramble about work, had the best company and thumb rub through the road mostly traveling back from 1U or Curve. The highway also cast dark shadows on two occasion excluding the 2007 incident which is the near rampage from a bike and another road bully who was racing and tempted me to just ride myself to hell with him. Those incident has always made me think about death and how life would be then so cruel.

LDP never fails I tell you ...

This time around, it was my friend EP. After a farewell party held for him, I am so fearful of being close and intimately sharing emotional stories with someone. Although we were never superbly close but close enough to shed tears because he had been a great friend in my life. He had been a great co-worker, shoulder to cry on and a big lover. I remember him as my first friend from 二哥 gang who held my crying chin up and told me it was ok back in 2007.

He was one of the few that had saw me cry everyday back then and I will always remember the words he had said to me "it is ok to cry, it shows how much you will love him but you need to let it go because it will only hurt you forever"

I listen to his voice but never really did what he said... After 2 years and finally separated, I drove down LDP with a eyeful of water thinking how come a stranger then would have love me so unconditionally. Things he knew that I didn't? Ever since then, he became my laughing pillar, a company with great care and I always find him strong, cute and a mouthful when he wishes to be. As quiet as he can be, he was a guy with plentiful soul and love inside him. Under that pessimistic skin of him lies a great guy whose strong will had brought him where he is today. Respectable by friends from all ages, race and gender.

As we chated about relationship, his career and future prospect, I learned that he had his wings spread and soar higher than any of us. A bold move. A well respected move. So, 30 close friends gathered, some cried, some laughed but all in the same mood of sending him off with a heavy heart. We do miss him already.

Miss him being the guy always entertaining our jokes, tears, rambles. Miss him being the guy who always question silly stuff, answer smartly, shoots you back in the face. Miss him being the guy who finishes our food, the buffet table food, the guest food. Miss him being the guy who always refuse a hug, but returned a great one when you needed it the most. Miss him being the guy who is always reliable, accountable and never refusing a shoulder to cry on. Miss him being the logical one always balancing the drama around us. Miss him the most in always believing our friendship where we go as wild as we can, and always still come off with great laughs. Such beautiful memory

I guess life is like that. God takes the best away from you so you will learn to be stronger for your ownself. EP, it is now your time to shine and you will always be the flying buffalo I will cherish, love and care in my life. Thank you so much for your evergreen and powerful friendship. You never know how much impact you had cause me ...

Really, thank you so much

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