Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogging on a Monday in May

It is a beautiful day today! Don't know why but at work, I seem to have higher focus in generating new ideas quickly. Also, time seem to be on my side today. It pass quite slow allowing me and my team to diligently quickly resolve all matters on hand

That said, having the luxury to chat on whatsapp occasionally is also quite fun. Kinda add positive vibe to the mood. I just can't wait for movies this upcoming Wed before my schedule is jammed packed for MBA again. Yeap, it is resuming this weekend and hopefully time will fly pass for the next 4 months!

I really want to get my Masters and move on to my next milestone to achieve in life. Some of the lined up are ; learning another language, being able to spend my weekend doing charity, painting, cooking and definitely picking up a sports that has more involvement than just lifting weights, repeating sets and getting all worked up because others are more good looking

That said, lets see how things go.

Hmm ... a storm is gonna hit us again. Urgh, I cannot possibly imagine the traffic jam that will resume. Better rush off to gym. Caoz

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