Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MEC 2009

This post is a bit late, last saturday and sunday me and two of my seniors, Sunny and Gilbert attended a workshop by Dr Kenneth Tai for Entrepreneur. Basically it was a challenge where the winning team gets a stack of traveling vouchers, one of it was a free 5 days 4 night stay in Phuket/Bali ... along with the famous Scholarship for Certified Marketing Professional Program worth RM 7,800 and trophy.

My MBA mates along with two other girls from financial institution teamed up and had fun through out the 2-day seminar; shooting short adverts, playing games, laughed, network and sold some marketing CDs. We didn't expect to win anything but came out as champion at the end. Our team was in shock because all we did was laugh through the activities and challenges while having fun on the notion where all of us were working adults and since the seminar is on the weekend, why further stress yourself?

I guess I will be going to Bali soon with K and most likely share the other vouchers among family members. I also can't wait to enroll for the CMPP seminar!!! Here are the 4 short commercial videos my group did for one of the challenge; Don't mind the shooting quality because we have to direct, plan, shoot and edit as much short videos as we can in 1 hour 30min.

Overall, I learned many new things about venturing to new business and wish to apply it in my new job, hopefully for my business ventures in the future as well. I will highly recommend Dr Kenneth's seminar because he helps you break down the fear and personal expectations (negatives one) in venturing into business.

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